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The Importance of Mobile Optimised Sites

Imagine the scene: you are redesigning your company’s website, and all has gone well so far. However, once it goes live, you receive complaints that the site does not look right when accessed from a mobile phone. You check yourself and you find this to be true, the site looks appalling. How did this happen?

The answer is very simple: you forgot to optimise your site for mobile browsers. This is a common mistake made by many professionals.

This humorous article by Digital Synopsis in collaboration with design company Nettl emphasises the importance of having a website optimised for use on a mobile phone. In all seriousness, a site that is not prepared for use on a mobile device will mean it is less accessible to your potential customers.

This layout not only makes it more accessible to your customers, but also attracts new ones and maintains loyalty. In a recent report by Eleventy Marketing Group, 61% of those surveyed held a higher opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience. It also offers a significant SEO advantage on search engines. With an increasing number of payments being made on mobile browsers, capitalising on this could increase your customer base. 57% of shoppers also stated that they would not recommend a poorly optimised site for mobile! The recent mobile algorithm imposed by Google (April 2015) means that sites which are not suitable for use on a mobile and a web browser will have their rankings penalised by Google. Google and Bing rank websites higher when they are optimised for mobile usage, and adhering to this will mean your site will rank higher on search engines.

It may cost a little more money to optimise the site for mobile, but be sure to ask for this if you outsource your website design. If you have an in-house web developer, implementing this will be much easier. Blogger and WordPress automatically optimise for sites but you should still check that these work before going live!

A well optimised site also helps to build vital customer relationships. It’s just more accessible and easy to use, and will guarantee that they keep returning. Give your customers a positive experience, and it will pay dividends. An optimised site can also contribute to having faster download speed according to Human Service Solutions.

So what are you waiting for? Start making the plans to improve your website optimisation now.

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