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Revealed: The Payments Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

The ever-changing landscape of technology has led to the world of payments being revolutionised in recent years. Payments, both online and in-person on the high street have changed irreversibility over the past 24 months. The pandemic has expedited the transition to digital payments, with this highlighting an increasing demand from consumers for payments to be […]

Beware of Payment Scams

The Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) has asked for banks to fight payment scams, after having received many complaints of fraud and convincing scams which have cost customers millions. The PSR responded to a series of complaints from consumer advocacy group Which?. The group concluded that banks are not sufficiently responsible in protecting their customers. The […]

Merchant services for Payday lenders

In the aftermath of market regulation, finding merchant services to suit your business is increasingly important for alternative lenders, including payday lenders. The High Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC) market has undergone major change in the last two years which has impacted on the structure of the market and brought to light some ongoing challenges. […]

High risk merchant accounts introduction

What are high risk merchant accounts? Businesses can require high risk merchant services or high risk merchant accounts for various reasons. They may be classed due to:- Loss of previous merchant processor account because of excessive chargebacks Operating in an industry with high chargeback ratios High value transaction sales Subscription based products or services An […]

The Importance of Mobile Optimised Sites

Imagine the scene: you are redesigning your company’s website, and all has gone well so far. However, once it goes live, you receive complaints that the site does not look right when accessed from a mobile phone. You check yourself and you find this to be true, the site looks appalling. How did this happen? […]

3 Benefits of Axcess Gateways

A gateway is essential in any online or MOTO transaction. It is responsible for the secure transfer of card details and confirms the availability of funds, acting essentially as a middleman in the process. Axcess can provide you with both the merchant account you need with a bank and two different gateway options. When you […]

SEO for ecommerce

SEO can be complicated, and you have to be a step ahead of the search engines to ensure that your site is optimised to get the best rankings possible. Make an error or practice bad SEO techniques and you could be landed with a penalty from the search engines and your site could be completely […]

5 Top Tips for ecommerce Merchants

When you open your own ecommerce store, it has the potential to transform your life. You can turn your hobby into a job, supplement your income and even turn it into your full time career. The right promotion and advertising campaigns will gain traffic to your site, interest, and ultimately, more customers! There are a […]

Best Online Marketing Strategies

When you run your own website, you need to create an effective online marketing strategy to help promote your business. Whether you’re in ecommerce, the financial sector or are using your website to promote your offline services, online marketing is a powerful tool. An optimised site with a killer campaign can ensure that you reach […]

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"All I can say about the service, communication and technology the team at Axcess provide is that it is far and above anything I have ever experienced in card acquiring and needless to say, you will continue to be the only solution for us. We have been in online services for over 10 years and in that time we have come across our fair share of issues and problems that can happen in working in a cutting edge niche. Since we have been with Axcess we have had nothing but exemplary support and help in dealing with issues that arise from time to time and would whole heartedly support you guys with everyone we meet who ask about online payments (apart from our competitors).  Thank you!"

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"You have always been a massive help to myself and my staff, so once again on behalf of the entire company I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude for your time and effort."

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"I want to thank you for the very efficient way that you have handled this matter. You have been totally brilliant. I love dealing with Axcess - out of all the payment services providers we have been with, I have to say that you guys are the best for customer service."

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"I've just had a look at the transaction analysis report and this is absolute gold for me. No acquirer ever provided me with a such complete analysis."

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