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Payment Gateway Services

Secure, encrypted connections

Full PCI compliant solutions

Advanced gateway technology

Axcess offer cutting edge gateway technology services with the addition of making your connection to acquiring banks in a simple and easy way to integrate.

The gateway we offer provides a secure, encrypted connection through an SSL 256 bit certificate.

Payment Gateway Solutions

We can provide two payment gateway platforms that provide a simple Copy and Pay integration for merchants as well as the more detailed merchant hosted solution depending on the PCI requirement of the business.

For those merchants who are looking for a quick and flexible integration method with minimal PCI requirements, we can offer our Copy and Pay integration. With our Copy and Pay integration method, because we are PCI Level 1 Certified, our gateways remove the need for the merchants server to be involved in the processing of customer card data, thereby removing a whole host of PCI concerns for the merchant. Our hosted integration methods have also been specifically developed with mobile devices in mind. This means that when the customer is directed to the payment page, the customer will be able to easily view and navigate, the payment process, thereby reducing customer abandonment at check out.

For those merchants who require complete customisation of the customer payment process, who have already addressed the relevant PCI, we have our direct integration methods. This type of integration allows a merchant to have complete control over the look and feel of a payment page and also allows customer payment details to be directed through the merchants system before they are sent to the Axcess Payment Gateway for processing. And of course, once the customer details reach the Axcess Payment Gateway, they handled securely to meet PCI Level Certification standards.

In addition to the integration options, our gateways offer over 60 different types of risk settings for a merchant to take advantage of. These risk settings range from AVS and 3DSecure to correlation checks that will allow you to confirm that the country a customer is living in, matches the country of the credit card they are using. We also have the ability to restrict the number of times your customers can make a purchase from your website, or how much they can spend, by blocking or flagging transactions. This may sound a bit odd but with the amount of fraud that exists in the e-commerce world today, many merchants are looking for smarter ways to allow their trusted customers to purchase freely while minimising the effect of any potentially fraudulent transactions. For some merchants this can result in significant savings because it allows the prevention of shipping of goods or provision of services and just as importantly, reduces chargebacks and the fees associated with them.

Each business operates a different process and model, even if they operate in the same sector.  As result of this we have a tailored solution to meet the needs of the most complex ecommerce service and deliver the benefits and longstanding risk management that the business of today requires.

While our gateways provide all of the tools, systems and technology a merchant of today has come to expect, they are also cost effective, making sure that access to the high end payment processing technology is not limited only to the multi nationals.

For more information, please please call  +44(0)113 344 3850 or get in touch through our contact page and one of our dedicated team will be more than happy to assist.

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"I've just had a look at the transaction analysis report and this is absolute gold for me. No acquirer ever provided me with a such complete analysis."

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