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Beware of Payment Scams


The Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) has asked for banks to fight payment scams, after having received many complaints of fraud and convincing scams which have cost customers millions. The PSR responded to a series of complaints from consumer advocacy group Which?. The group concluded that banks are not sufficiently responsible in protecting their customers. The […]

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Merchant services for Payday lenders


In the aftermath of market regulation, finding merchant services to suit your business is increasingly important for alternative lenders, including payday lenders. The High Cost Short Term Credit (HCSTC) market has undergone major change in the last two years which has impacted on the structure of the market and brought to light some ongoing challenges. […]

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High risk merchant accounts introduction


What are high risk merchant accounts? Businesses can require high risk merchant services or high risk merchant accounts for various reasons. They may be classed due to:- Loss of previous merchant processor account because of excessive chargebacks Operating in an industry with high chargeback ratios High value transaction sales Subscription based products or services An […]

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The Importance of Mobile Optimised Sites


Imagine the scene: you are redesigning your company’s website, and all has gone well so far. However, once it goes live, you receive complaints that the site does not look right when accessed from a mobile phone. You check yourself and you find this to be true, the site looks appalling. How did this happen? […]

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3 Benefits of Axcess Gateways


A gateway is essential in any online or MOTO transaction. It is responsible for the secure transfer of card details and confirms the availability of funds, acting essentially as a middleman in the process. Axcess can provide you with both the merchant account you need with a bank and two different gateway options. When you […]

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