Payday Loan Broker Case Study

Merchant PA came to Axcess three years ago. As a payday loan broker, they were having a difficult time because to their excessive decline rates.

For two consecutive months, Merchant PA had breached the chargeback thresholds and was facing large fines from card schemes.

We were able to work with Merchant PA to understand their business model. After this, we could advise them on how to manage their decline rates in relation to VEAP (Visa Excessive Authorisation Program) thresholds. We advised Merchant PA on the best practice for payment runs, interpretation of decline codes for retries, and putting forward proposals to the acquirer for improving success rates.

Merchant PA have since moved on, but during their time with us they improved their success rates and no longer breached the thresholds. This removed the potential for fines of $5000 or more.

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