Case Study – High Chargeback Rates

Merchant DB came to Axcess three years ago. Their acquirer at the time had issued them with a closure notice due to excessively high chargeback rates. The acquirer had also listed the merchant on MATCH and VMAS (lists that banks use to blacklist companies).

Axcess Merchant Services were able to find a new acquirer that agreed to open an account for Merchant DB. We were able to get them integrated and processing live transactions within a few days of their former acquirer closing the account.

During their time with us, we worked with Merchant DB to reduce their chargeback rates below card scheme tier 2 and 3 thresholds. This saved them thousands of pounds per month in chargeback fees and fines.

We opened a second merchant account for them with an additional acquirer and reduced the acquirer processing fees on several occasions.

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