What is Visa Direct?

For many customers and businesses, it can be frustrating to deal with legacy bank networks that can mean payments can take days to process. This is where Visa Direct comes in, to ensure that payments can be completed almost instantly.

Visa Direct allows customers and businesses to instantly send money directly via Visa. The legacy method come at a higher cost and with added security risks. Visa Direct can easiest be described as “pushing”, rather than “pulling” in terms of how the payment is conducted. Instead of “pulling” money from an account to be deposited into another, Visa Direct enables bank accounts to “push” money from one bank to another. These push payments can be facilitated more quickly as the sender sends both payment instructions and money at the same time.


What are the benefits of Visa Direct?

  • Visa Direct enables real-time fund transferring both domestically and internationally. International payments are more time-consuming, and Visa Direct tackles this.
  • Allows access to funds in 30 minutes or less which enhances the customer experience and makes the transaction seamless and quick. This is highly beneficial for customer retention.
  • Cross-border payments are enhanced for merchants wanting to work with global payment systems and Visa Direct alleviates the burden of costly and time-consuming payments.


The demand from consumers and businesses alike for fast payments is higher than ever, and Visa Direct is a solution for this. Facilitating faster pay-outs to customers will give your business a competitive advantage over others and allow them to keep up with the ever-evolving industry of payments.


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