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What is Pay By Link?

Pay By Link is a tool that simplifies how customers pay by credit or with a debit card by using a secure link. This method is becoming increasingly popular as this smooths the payment process for the customer and brings many benefits to the business. Pay By Link means that you may not even need an online site to process payments as well!


What types of Pay By Links are there?

Many forms of Pay By Links exist, and the choice of link will vary, dependent on your company’s needs. Examples of links your business can use include:

One Time Link

A single-use link that is sent to the customer, often for a one-time payment.

Email Invoice

Links can be added directly to the customer’s invoice.

Buy Now Button

Used on eCommerce sites, this can fast-track the customer by the “add to cart” button to continue straight to payment.

Social Media

Businesses can share payment links on social media and messaging platforms, meaning payment links can be used in marketing campaigns.

QR code

A method that has become more popular recently, you can now generate QR codes that the customer can scan which links to a payment checkout.


If the customer provides their phone number, Pay By Links can be sent through text message.


Pay By Links can also be beneficial in-store, where the customer physically is located. So they can be there in person but still pay online via a link.


The Benefits of Pay By Links

Using Pay By Links can provide many benefits for your business and can enhance the customer’s experience. We have listed some of the ways it can benefit you below:

  • It is quick and easy for both the business and the customer to receive/make payment.
  • Flexibility for the customer, they can be offered other payment options.
  • No geographical limitations mean that payments can be requested from anywhere in the world.
  • It benefits the business as it can increase revenue. You can easily resolve failed transactions and track them also.
  • No physical maintenance as there is no need for having physical terminals to maintain or replace.
  • No additional downloads for the customer as an app will not be needed to process payment.
  • Pay By Links will always be secure as the platform will be fully authenticated and protected by encrypting the data.


Pay By Links are becoming an essential part of any business and utilising them provides many benefits for both you and any potential customers. The variety of forms this can take along with the ease of access for the customer will ensure that their experience will be streamlined and enjoyable.


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