What is a Mail order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Payment?

MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) are systems that allow businesses to take and manage card transactions remotely. This web-based payment system facilitates payment transactions that can be taken over the telephone, via email, or through written requests. These are known as card-not-present transactions. MOTO payments are used when the customer can’t make a payment in person.


Whilst the term MOTO relates to mail orders and telephone orders, it offers a whole different way to process transactions. How can MOTO benefit your business?


Reach a broader customer base

  • MOTO provides a way for customers who prefer not to pay in person another way to make a transaction. The innovation MOTO has brought to the market will allow for more interest to be drawn to yourself, expanding the possibilities of the number of daily customers that would visit your business.


They are easy to accept

  • MOTO offers one of the most important benefits to a customer and a business – convenience. To process a MOTO payment, you only need three things; internet access, a computer device, and a virtual terminal.


Expand your sales

  • Due to the convenience and the fact the customer does not have to be there in person, businesses can make more sales. Branching out from local sales can be a challenge, and MOTO helps with this.


Challenges of MOTO

  • The world is facing change with increased cyber security and more scrutiny for mishandling of data, meaning compliance to rules is becoming ever more complicated. To make sure your card details are not subject to an attack or breach you should choose a provider with at least a level of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Going forward with the increased technology in life then it would be great to start being more secure sooner rather than later.


Best Practices

  • MOTO makes sure that employees are trained for every circumstance, enabling a quality product and service to help your business move forward
  • Whilst data is also a concern for your security, you should have no concerns with MOTO. We only require relevant card data and do not ask for your CVV code. We also go a step further with AVS checks to have an additional layer of security, while never storing cardholder data.


However, MOTO has more of a chance of being affected by fraud than other payment methods due to there being no requirement to have two-factor authentication. For added protection, extra securities will usually be applied to the merchant to allow sufficient financial protection to the acquiring bank processing the transaction.


Overall MOTO is a great way of adding an additional way of collecting monies from your customers and often pairs perfectly with any eCommerce or point-of-sales solution you are currently using.


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