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High risk merchant accounts introduction

What are high risk merchant accounts?

Businesses can require high risk merchant services or high risk merchant accounts for various reasons. They may be classed due to:-

  • Loss of previous merchant processor account because of excessive chargebacks
  • Operating in an industry with high chargeback ratios
  • High value transaction sales
  • Subscription based products or services
  • An international merchant selling in countries with a high chargeback risk (typically anywhere outside Canada, the US, Australia, European Union, Japan, South Korea or Singapore)
  • Multi-currency business
  • Bad credit history

There are also some industries, products and services that may require high risk merchant accounts. Additionally, the products or services you sell might also have an impact on your risk profile. Some of the high risk products and industries flagged may include:-

  • Online gambling
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Adult products or services
  • Airline ticketing
  • Bitcoins
  • Forex trading
  • Dating services
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • E cigarettes
  • Timeshares
  • Computer software or hardware

Why do merchants require high risk merchant services?

All merchants want to minimise any risk to interruption of sales and payment processing. Therefore, it makes sense to seek a high risk merchant payment provider that can find the right merchant accounts for you and tailor a solution that fits your business model.

At Axcess, we offer full end to end payment processing and support that upon review, we believe you’ll find is amongst the best high risk merchant services.

  • Instant approval
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Dual PCI Level 1 Payment Gateways
  • 179 currencies
  • Nearly 400 acquiring banks worldwide
  • 51 Alternative Payment Methods

You can watch our two minute video on Why Choose Axcess Merchant Services here

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