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3 Benefits of Axcess Gateways

A gateway is essential in any online or MOTO transaction. It is responsible for the secure transfer of card details and confirms the availability of funds, acting essentially as a middleman in the process. Axcess can provide you with both the merchant account you need with a bank and two different gateway options.


When you set up an account with Axcess, we endeavour to create an account suited to your goals and best interests. We are confident that the gateway solution we provide you is the best out there and can change the fabric of your business for the better. Here are the top three reasons why the payment gateways provided by Axcess are geared towards ensuring you get the best from the online world:

Multiple merchant accounts

Many businesses need reliability and stability for their processing. When you have only one acquiring account this can leave a business reliant on one bank to provide flawless service from a processing, account management and fund release perspective. Our Business Development team can source multiple merchant acquiring accounts for any business.  This gives a business the ability to divide processing between preferred acquirers or to switch processing from one acquirer to another should there be any downtimes that needs to be managed. For a merchant the most important aspect of their time is often maximising the opportunity and running the day to day business tasks.  Axcess can help take the time consuming aspect of dealing with banks and ensuring the management of acquirer relationships is effective and without stress. We have close relationships with many acquirers and this allows us to better advise our merchants when it comes to how to best use the acquiring accounts we have available for them. Our Business Development team, and our Integration team here at Axcess, will discuss which options would work best for you so that you have the flexibility you need to manage your business effectively.  We do this by takin the jargon and difficulty out of the process and relay the information to our clients in an efficient and understandable way.


PC1 Level 1 Compliant

Axcess have two gateway options available to merchants, both of which are PCI Level 1 compliant. PCI Level 1 is the highest level of compliance available within the payment card industry’s security standards for credit and debit card data. The Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard Council (PCI-DSS) govern the standards applied to the secure storage and transacting of card data. Strict compliance and management is needed as loss of highly confidential card data can lead to financial and reputational damage. Any business that processes or stores card data has to address how they handle customers card data and by using an Axcess gateway, many PCI concerns are automatically removed from a merchant. By using one of our gateways your processing system is PCI compliant from day 1, the highest level of security is maintained by Axcess, leaving you to focus on your business and saving you potentially thousands in securing your own PCI compliance levels.

We can also provide the help and assistance with merchants that have a model that requires the hosting of the gateway on their side ensuring best practice and help is provided whatever the solution you are looking for.


Two Gateway Options

Axcess have two gateway options available to merchants. Each one offers something unique to that particular solution.  For example, our omnipay gateway allows processing of other payment methods, like Direct Debit or Bank Transfer and also has a sophisticated reporting engine that many merchants deem essential for tracking their processing activity on a more in depth level. Our Card Payment gateway, while having  a more standard reporting feature, has additional benefits such as payment link creation for use in e-mails or invoices and the ability to use a verify transaction—allowing a card to be validated without reserving or debiting any funds from a customer. Both gateways are robust and flexible, supporting the most simple of transaction workflows to the very complex and if our merchants chose to, we encourage an integration to both systems, giving you resilience when it comes to processing your customer payments.  The team at Axcess can provide you with the help and guidance in choosing the right platform depending on your own particular needs.  Both gateways can be constructed to ensure you have the exact service you need to make the back end and reporting fit the needs you each and every individual merchant.

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